Three Translations

Instructors: Madyha Leghari
Asna Khan
Laila Hassan
Sana Aziz
Umna Nabi


We live in a world today where the boundary between the digital and the analog is increasingly blurred. A wide range of phenomenon ranging from intimacy to politics can be no longer examined through separating the analog and the digital. Even if one was to eschew digital technologies, and go “off-grid, the world around us continues to be transformed by these technologies and modes of information sharing. 

Through this assignment, makers will examine the ways in which shifting between the two registers can be utilized as a strategy, tool and medium in itself. Think carefully about how a thing or an idea is transformed, what it gains or loses, as it shifts between the digital and the analog. By the end of the exercise, it is hoped that makers think of the digital and the analog not as opposite binaries but as interrelated forms which can be selectively harnessed for your advantage.

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