Instructors: Ali Raza
Adeel Warraich
Amir Mirza
Anam Shakil
Asna Khan
Laila Hassan
Maham Bosan
Nida Hashmi
Rabia Oneeb
Umair Abbasi
Umna Nabi
Zara Sahar


It is often said that “seeing is believing” but seeing alone is not enough as we see so many things that we do not understand. Also, what about a visually impaired person who cannot see. It does not mean that such person cannot believe in something. Our perceptions develop on our prior knowledge. Therefore “knowing is believing” seems a more appropriate statement. One of the roles of any creative person is to explore new concepts by the act of making previously unassociated links visible which were invisible before to develop perceptions of others by shedding the blindness that comes with our vision.

In this exercise, students combined at least two previously unassociated ideas/concept to create a new idea/concept with an intellectual value that speaks for itself. Final deliverable was an image, 3D object, video, sound or performance based work.

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