Instructors: Madyha Leghari
Amir Mirza
Anam Shakil
Asna Khan
Rabia Oneeb
Samia Sharif
Umair Abbasi
Umna Nabi


Define the parameters of your collection through the following prompts:

What are you collecting? Is it a material or immaterial thing? How are you limiting and thus defining your collection? e.g. Is it a fixed quantity? are you looking at one common characteristic? Are you looking at your collection through the lens of a certain space or time? How much/many things are you collecting? Consider how the quantity may add to your meaning. (Please also note that two things wouldn’t make a collection) How are you collecting? This will have many implications on the form and meaning of your collection. How are you exhibiting this collection and how are you sharing your collection with your class?

There is no restriction of content or medium. However to generate meaning, you must give particular consideration to both. Moreover, consider the following questions:

Is it the act or the content of collection that makes it meaningful? Is it both? How does your idea, your collection and the display of your collection speak to each other?

Lastly give special attention to managing the scope and ambition of your work.

Think of methods that are quick and effective, keeping the pace of the project in mind.

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