Instructors: Madyha Leghari & Aatiqa Sheikh
Anam Khurram
Ebaa Khurram
Mariam Ansari
Mir Dostak
Nabiha Durrani
Pakeeza Zaidi
Reema Baig
Saba Iqbal Quddusi
Sadaf Fahad
Saira Bano
Sanina Gilani
Shahid Malik
Tanzeel Saeed
Urooj Shahab
Uzma Ali


A manifesto is a published avowal of ideas and plans of action. It is a radical writing, often critical of existing systems and proposing alternatives. They are often written to challenge and provoke. One of the reasons that manifestos have a lasting appeal is because the format accommodates both the seriousness of conviction and the humor of dissent. In this task students design a manifesto of their own based both on observation of their present and a study of history.

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