Reflective Paper and Videos

Instructors: Muniza Zafar
Anam Khurram
Anam Shakil


Video Project

Teams of 3-4 students will produce brief (3-5 minute) video documentaries illustrating an- ism (racism, sexism, ageism, etc.) and a well-researched approach to how you will discuss and/or solve this issue. These videos will be planned, recorded, edited and screened during the course. They will be assessed on content; what is portrayed and to what degree the content displays a complex understanding of course theories/insights.


Submit a 300-word proposal consisting of a narrative/script/plan for a 1-5-minute

Video related to the content of the course.

Reflective Paper

Submit a one-page outline for your paper consisting of an abstract and list of topics

and ideas that you plan to discuss/are interested in based on the course content. You may only work on this option individually.

Reflective paper

Write a 2000-5000-word paper on how you perceive diversity, keeping in view the theories and insights discussed in class and who you might be, as a diversity and social justice-minded educator, and what sort of art or design classroom you want to create based on the content of this course.

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