Visual Narratives

Instructors: Nadia Ghawas & Sualeha Kashif
Fareeha Batool
Reema Baig
Saba Quddusi
Sadia Anwer
Sana Aziz
Sanina Batool
Umair Abbasi
Zehra Bint e Nassar


Firstly, this project will unearth the undulating pattern of an overview of learning theories from the historical and contemporary standpoint, which holds a place to advocate the role of Developmental Psychology in Art Education.

Secondly, this project represents a sequence of some exemplary visual narratives. To showcase as to how students consume textual content in a variety of ways using different technological tools. The stories embedded in these Visual Narratives demonstrate a substantial knowledge and understanding of artistic development takes shape from childhood to adolescence and adulthood.

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